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The MTM Elite Trader Community

We built the best online trader community chat room on the planet. But don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself!

Try 2 Weeks for just $2!

We surveyed our students and asked them what features they'd want in an online trader community chat room. Then we hired the best developers in the world to build the Community using the lastest technology. Then, we invited some professional traders to come and comment and offer trade ideas. What did we end up with? The greatest online trader community chat room ever to exist!


 online trader community chat room

The MTM Elite Trader Community is a state-of-the-art, online Trader Community that has an intuitive look and feel of a "social network" site. It's like facebook, but better. It's just for traders. It's just for YOU.

Take a look at just some of the features you won't find in other clunky old trader "chat rooms"...

  • Hashtags to easily find the trades you are interested in

  • Ability to "Follow" like-minded traders

  • Trader digest emailed to you each week

  • Customizable profile page

  • Ability to post charts, videos and documents to share with your fellow Traders' Community Members

  • Customizable watchlist

  • Fresh trade ideas every day

  • State-of-the-art search function to find posts just on the stocks or option strategies you're looking for

  • Access to a wealth of professional traders to learn from and get trade ideas

  • and much, much more!

Try it now and get 2 weeks access for only $2. And the best part is, if you continue as a member after 2 weeks, you'll get over half off the normal monthly renewal with this promotion. Normal price is $197 a month. Your renewal price is just $97 a month as long as you choose to remain a menber. This potentially saves you thousands of dollars over time! 

 trader chat room

Hear what some of our folks had to say about what they gained from their experiences being part of the Market Taker Community...

"MTM is the best trader educational provider out there. Innovation is at their core."

Dianna, Bellevue, WA


"The information has provided me with a place to start looking for trades. The opportunity to learn from experienced professionals is invaluable!"

Jeff, Ames, IA

"Market Taker provided the education I needed to start with my option trading. I like their structured and professional approach and their informal style."

Katalin, Hungary

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 trader chat room

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