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The Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching classes are now EVERY DAY!

Right now, you can lock in at the old twice-a-week rate and be grandfathered in at that low price FOREVER! You'll get 150% more trade ideas, more class time, more hands-on learning and not pay a penny more than our current low pricing. Learn what all the fuss is about...

Join Market Taker Live Advantage Group Coaching and let an Options Trading Coach with more than 25 years of experience in the options business help you advance your trading to the next level and beyond.

The truth is, most successful men and women in positions of power rely on professional coaches to help them execute their responsibilities at extremely high levels, which generates the results that they are expected to deliver every day.

Athletes aren't the only professionals who rely on coaches to help them achieve greatness.

Business leaders, CEOs, congress members and even presidents enlist the assistance of a coach who has more experience than they possess, which allows them to achieve the highest level of results.

And now you have the opportunity to 'borrow' more than two-and-a-half decades' worth of professional options experience and use it to earn consistent profits in the options markets...

When You Join Market Taker Live Advantage Group Coaching You Will Discover...

  • How to manage your options portfolio like you have been trading options successfully your entire trading career

  • How to develop the trading skills you already have

  • A group forum where you can ask questions and discuss new trading concepts with a seasoned professional

  • Brand-new trading skills to bring your options trading to the next level

  • 20+ fresh trade ideas EVERY DAY

  • An arena to receive unbiased support and fresh perspectives from an options industry veteran

  • How to select better trades and implement high-probability trade strategies

  • How to exit trades with maximum profit

  • And more…

Special Bonus!

Enroll now and get our old pricing of just $497/quarter or $747/six months, AND get access to the MTM Email Hotline (a $1,000 value!) FREE! With the Email Hotline, you can get any and all of your options questions answered via email from our expert staff. It's like having a professional trader in your back pocket!

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**NOTE** These prices reflect the "old pricing." Subscribe now and you're locked in at these old prices forever!

New prices will be...

$997 for 3 months (you save $500 for every quarter you choose to remain enrolled in Group Coaching)

$1,697 for 6 months (you save $950 for every quarter you choose to remain enrolled in Group Coaching)

(You may cancel anytime)

Extreme Value!

Enroll for 3 months: Get $1,997 of value for just $497! (Old pricing plus Email Hotline)

Enroll for 6 months: Get $2,697 of value for just $747! (Old pricing plus Email Hotline)

It doesn't matter what level of options trading knowledge you currently possess. This coaching program can help you unleash your maximum earning potential.

Make the decision to correct the expensive problems you might be making every day you trade options. The longer you wait to find a solution, the more money you could be giving back to Wall Street.

This tailored education could help you break through and achieve your financial goals...and you won't have to pay the sometimes out-of-reach pricing that one-on-one coaching might cost you.

Here Are Some Of The Class Details Of Market Taker Live Advantage Group Coaching

Your Professional Instructor and Class Leader will be John Kmiecik.

John brings with him a vast amount of knowledge from being in the options arena for well over 25 years. He has worked his way up from accounting to the trading floor for firms such as Goldman Sachs, First Options of Chicago and Lind-Waldock, just to name a few. John has had a very successful career in the trading arena.

You can purchase a 3-month or 6-month package of Market Taker Live Advantage Group Coaching classes.

You'll enjoy LIVE coaching classes every EVERY DAY at 9:00 am CT. John will cover current market conditions, identifying potentially profitable trades, discussing different trade techniques, strategies and more...

You'll get more than 20 trade ideas per class. That's over 100 a week! If you make money on just one of these trades it could pay for the class and then some.

Each coaching class will primarily focus on a specific topic that you can use in the markets today.

Plus, you'll also have access to the archives of every class. That way you can see any class you may have missed or just review any of the information to make sure you completely understand how to gain an edge in the market.

Enroll Today And Claim One Of The Limited Available Seats Into This Exclusive Group Coaching Program


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