CC Workshop

3-Class Workshop:

Covered Calls and Cash Secured Puts

Many strategeis are not working in this new marekt environment. But one that continues to find incredible success for many traders is the covered call and cash-secured put. And now you can get everything you need to put these time tested strategies to use.

In this special 3-part series, you will discover the most effective techniques that professional money managers use to successfully find, structure and manage covered call and cash-secured put trades.

Part 1: Outperforming the Market While Lowering Risk

  • How to identify stocks and ETFs that are ideal candidates for covered calls
  • How to select the optimal option (strike and expiration) to maximize profits and minimize risk in a covered call
  • How to use options data to maximize covered call returns

Part 2: Your 6-Month Covered Call Trading Plan

  • How to use options as entrance and exit strategies to stock or ETF positions
  • How to manage trades to avoid assignment, and when to choose to accept assignment
  • How The Stock Repair Strategy can help to recover losses on stock and ETF investments

Part 3: Advanced Covered Call and Cash Secured Put Strategies

  • Covered straddles and strangles
  • The “Recycle" Options Strategy
  • Collars and calendar collars
  • Option spreads that can yield superior returns

3 In-Depth Workshops. One Simple Goal.

After these 3 in-depth sessions, you will have mastered:

  • How to select optimal strike prices and expirations

  • How to identify over-priced options, that are ideal for covered calls and cash-secured puts using volatility analysis

  • How to manage and adjust covered calls and cash-secured puts when the market moves against you

  • Rolling techniques to minimize execution risk

  • And much more!

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That's Not All...

You’ll also get access to 2 incredible bonuses that will futher supplement everything you will learn in this comprehensive Workshop. In additon to the three 1-hour Workshop sessions on Covered Calls, you will also get...

1 FREE Month of Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching

Combined with the 3-Class Workshop, this daily coaching class completes the perfect 1-2 combo to start reaping the rewards of these covered call strategies. Everyday, you will watch as your options coach, John Kmiecik, scans and then sets-up several trades in the live market. This is the perfect opportunity to take what you are learning in the 3-Class Covered Call Workshop and apply them as you follow along with Coach John in the LIVE Advantage Group Coaching class.

Here's the best part: As an added bonus, after your complimentary month of Group Coaching, if you choose to remain in the class, you’ll renew at the special discounted price of just $227 per month. That’s an incredible discount considering the regular price for Group Coaching is $997 per quarter.

The Options Impact Series

Are you somewhat new to option trading and are looking for a head start? After enrolling you will instantly get unlimited access to 8 in-depth recorded video sessions which you can view at your own leisure. These 8 videos have a run-time of approximately 45 minutes each and dig deep into important beginner trading topics such as Covered Calls, Basic Trade Analysis, Technical Analysis & more. 

In addition, you will also get over 30 short-form videos further exploring the foundations of options trading. These short-form videos include topics such as "How Traders Use Trendlines", "Understanding Account Value" and “Selecting the Optimal Strategy". The usual one-time payment of $497 will be waived when you get the 3-Class Covered Call Workshop below. ($497 value)

The 3-Class Covered Calls Workshop ($497 value)

Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching ($332 value)

The Options Impact Series ($497 value)

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