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  >>> Take the next step and tap into the hidden income that already exists in your portfolio. 

“It’s like getting a Paycheck from a Wall Street Trader every two weeks AND have him watch your stocks to help you buy low and sell high!” 

Outperform the market while lowering your risk, using the proven techniques of the world’s top investors. And FINALLY have the financial freedom you deserve.

Get the complete MTM S.M.A.R.T. System and make generating income simple. We’ll show you step by step how to:

  • Easily identify top covered call and cash-secured put candidates
  • Screen option prices for value, so you only sell over-priced options, giving you a long-term advantage
  • Select optimal strike prices and expirations to maximize your profits and minimize your risk
  • Use the “Stock Repair Strategy” to potentially make back losses on stocks that fell during the bear market
  • Get better execution prices, using proprietary Market Taker Mentoring secrets for trade entry and exits
  • Manage and adjust covered calls, so you can maximize profits on stock gains, while erasing losses on options when the stock rises above the strike
  • Use systemaic rolling techniques for the Covered Call Continuation Strategy to outperform the market in the long run

Hear what our Students recently said…

“I am happy to recommend the SMART system option training program. I found it to be a comprehensive and logical program. It is a large volume of information and the program module approach works well to [provide] beneficial education for a variety of trader experience levels. I also feel there was good support offered and available when questions arose.”

-Michael, Naples, FL

“Dan, thank you for developing the SMART income system and making it available to your students. I love how you explain everything clearly and invite questions when someone doesn’t understand. You make it easy to use the system in a trading account or an investment account. I am investing within my IRA. At 75 years of age, I cannot afford to lose money. I have made a lot of money with SMART. What I like best is how easy you make it to tell whether or not a particular stock is a good candidate for the system. Since you tell us how to choose the strike and expiration, and how to manage the trade, it feels like the only thing left for us to do is to rake in the money. I don’t want to deceptively oversimplify. But you make it really simple, and you give us access to the replays and the slides.”

-Ann, Houston, TX

“I’m so glad I found you and John. You and John teach me how to trade options in any environment. But even more than that John’s class every morning teaches me how to look for trades and how to manage them once they are on and you refine my knowledge with the Thursday afternoon webinars. You are so supportive of my journey to get to my long term trading goals and I can’t begin to thank you enough for that. The education and the support that you and John give is awesome.”

-Catherine, Lee’s Summit, MO

“The recent training has been very helpful, especially with the market’s recent correction… This is the most useful trading site/group I have found.”

-Rick, Arlington, TX

“Thanks for pounding the ‘take your profits’ lesson into my thick skull. Keep pounding please. Took profits on a number of positions earlier this week, including yesterday – these would not have been profits by this afternoon if I hadn’t taken profits. Man, I am very, very grateful for your insight and guidance!”

-Blair, Ontario, Canada

“I’m so thankful for you and John. Since I’ve signed on with MTM, it’s been a dramatically positive sea change in my trading.”


“Between you, John K. and John S., you have a star studded lineup in tact, that’s for sure!!!!!”

-Dave, Barneveld, NY

“I’ve been putting some of what we’ve talked about in our last one on one class to work and it’s literally paid off handsomely.”

-Joe, New, York, NY

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