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Trading Plan and Psychology Bootcamp

After attending this LIVE, Online Bootcamp Class you’ll free yourself of the baggage that holds you back as a trader and level up to be the shrewd, savvy, expert trader you’ve always dreamed you could be. It’s mind over market. But this Bootcamp is not just about mastering your emotions. It’s more than that… It’s not what the market does that makes you money or loses you money. It’s how you react to the market that ultimately determines whether you are an overwhelming success or a frustrated trader with little hope of making it work. When you attend this essential Bootcamp you’ll be able to easily handle the curveballs the market throws at you because you’ll trade with a disciplined, methodical approach free of emotional noise that can cloud judgment and hinder your long-term success. This class is part Trader Psychology, part Trade Management, part Trading-Plan Workshop and SO MUCH MORE.
You should be there if you want to:
  • Never let your emotions get the best of you again – no matter what the market does. You’ll learn to prevail over common market “head fakes” that often whipsaw unknowing traders, causing emotional decision-making and increased errors. (That’s not you anymore!)
  • Confidently manage trades with the methodology and precision of a fund manager. It’s the confidence they have in always knowing what to do, no matter how the market behaves. Now you’ll know how they do it.
  • Stop the guesswork! Not only will you learn 7 traits money-making traders all have and rely on, but you’ll also get personalized help tightening up your own trading plan – and a follow-up call so you are sure to stick with it!
  • Position yourself for success in every trade  and avoid costly mistakes (you’ll have guidelines to follow every time) and teach you one thing to do every day to improve your Trading Plan, changing your day-to-day in trades from stressful to relaxed and confident.
  • And finally, increase your trading success with the crucial “Positive-Attitude” approach to trading and what to use EVERY DAY for the rest of your trading career to improve your “Trading Zen”

Just $297 to up your Mental Game and work with John on your Trading Plan


90-Minute MTM Trade Plan and Trader Psychology Bootcamp

  • Tuesday, Feb 4 3:30 CT (4:40 ET)
  • $397 Value

Trading Plan Worksheet

  • Instructions on how to complete during Bootcamp
  • $50 Value

30-minute “Prove Your Plan” follow-up call

  • 1-on-1 phone call with John Kmiecik
  • $250 Value


Bonus 1

30 Days’ FREE access to the Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching daily online class Join MTM’s Head Coach, John Kmiecik, an hour each day at 9:00am Central Time as he reveals the day’s best trades, real time while you watch, plus the trading plan for each, as well as learning new skills to SKYROCKET YOUR SUCCESS. (Normal price $349 a month.)* *Offer not valid to current Group Coaching students. Class renews at 35% discount price of just $227 a month for life. You may cancel anytime.

Bonus 2

Student Appreciation Event: Late February (Date TBD) Be the smartest person in the room. In this Town Hall style meeting we’ll drill down on what’s really moving the market and uncover what the pros are watching behind the scenes. Normally a $250 event, you’ll be our Guest.

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