The 2024 Smart Trade Summit
June 13-15, 2024


The 2024 Smart Trade Summit Starts In


If you joined us last year, you know that we break down the approach to trading to help you block out the noise and see a clear path forward. This event meets you where you are with all the focus – no distractions – to help you see light at the end of the tunnel for reaching your goals.


Join us for the 2024 Smart Trade Summit, June 13-15 at the Doubletree Hilton in Sonoma Wine Country.

Ready To Do It All Again?


At MTM we know that you want to be a confident trader who can apply your knowledge. But in order to do that, it helps to have mentors who can guide you and inspire you. The problem is that most options training programs fall short of teaching you to trade in a consistent way, which can leave you bouncing from training method to training method feeling frustrated and hopeless.

That’s why, every year, driven options traders from across the country come together at the MTM Smart Trade Summit to explore the latest trends, the most lucrative strategies, and the proven tactics currently driving success in options trading.

If you’re the kind of options trader who is ready to discover proven systems that help you move toward your goals and embrace the freedom and future you desire, this is YOUR Summit.

Welcome to your Trading Retreat - The 2024 Smart Trade Summit!

One of the best things I walked away from the retreat with was just the ability to bounce ideas off each other, both in what's working and what's not working."
Robert Aguilar
I had several great discussions with the other traders there and it was a very memorable vacation through wine country on the return trip!"
Tom Bohanon

MEET YOUR speakers

Learn from the best in the INDUSTRY

Dan Passarelli

Founder & CEO of market taker mentoring

Having learned from a mentor myself, I know that the most successful traders need access to learn from a master. Nobody wins on every trade, and I remember what it was like to have a massive losing week… just wanting to give up. But I’ve been trading since 1993, and over the past 30 years, I’ve helped over 100,000 traders in over 50 countries reach their goals. I’ve completed over 50,000 trades and authored 2 books on options trading. I founded Market Taker Mentoring to help as many traders as I can to finally reach their goals in the options market.

With an extensive option trading career that started on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), I’ve taught basic and advanced option trading concepts to:

  • retail traders

  • brokers
  • institutional traders
  • financial planners and advisors
  • money managers
  • Federal Reserve Bank employees
  • market makers

I even spoke at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Now, I’m here to help you find sustainable success in your own trading journey! At the 2024 Smart Trade Summit, I’ll share my proven strategies and the techniques I’ve worked to perfect that have brought wins again and again.

John Kmiecik

Options Trading Coach & Author

John has traded both as a professional trader, trading for hedge funds, as well as an individual “retail” trader and possesses a vast amount of knowledge from being in the trading arena for well over 35 years.

He has worked his way up from accounting to the trading floor for firms such as Goldman Sachs, First Options of Chicago, and Lind-Waldock. After solidifying his trading career, John realized he wanted to share his unique trade management and mindset techniques with other traders. He has coached thousands of traders in both one-on-one settings and in various group settings.

In his efforts to continue to mentor traders, John has written several option trade management and psychology of trading articles and continues to trade himself today. John’s education strategy is simple: “Let’s find what works best for the trader, both mentally and from a risk perspective, and let’s get him or her in that comfort zone.”

Smart Trade Summit

What you'll learn

Many traders struggle to reach their goals, often changing strategies over and over to follow someone else’s plan. The 2024 Smart Trade Summit provides you with a unique opportunity to learn from experienced trading mentors and peers so that you can confidently use tested trading systems that give you an edge over the market.

Day One: Discover the Thrill of Precision and Persistence

Unlock the secrets of strategic planning and consistent execution.

Ignite your passion for planning and consistency, the dynamic duo that fuels long-term profitability in options trading.

Get ready to turn ordinary trades into extraordinary triumphs!

Day Two: Add Fuel To Your Trading Energy

Immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding energy of live group trading and get ready to take notes as we reveal the metrics that matter – your key to consistent success.

Elevate your potential with the power of an elite group; take advantage of this opportunity to invest in yourself and your future!

Day Three: Unleash Your Trading Odyssey!

On our final day, get ready to embark on and epic adventure of discovery and triumph as you embark on a trader’s journey toward financial freedom.

Explore the realm of certainties and possibilities, where each decision holds the potential for profit.

Welcome to a world where meticulous planning meets unwavering consistency, where every trade is a step closer to your financial dreams!

I've never been around a group of so many insightful, knowledgeable people. Dan, John, the guest appearances - the industry SHOWED UP and gave us so much information - information that we could take and grasp and grow from for a lifetime."
Alix Lubin
It's fun just being around like-minded traders for sharing strategies and experiences."
Bill Murphy

2024 Smart Trade Summit

3 Days of Transformation
2 Expert Trainers
16+ Immersive Sessions

June 13-15
Doubletree Hilton, Sonoma Wine Country

Smart Trade Summit



Let’s face it: there are a lot of distractions in trading that make it hard to be confident and consistent.

At the 2024 Smart Trade Summit, you’ll transform your trading by learning from the best in the business about what’s actually working today so that you can prepare for tomorrow.

Expect Transformative Content

You’ll join an elite group at the Smart Trade Summit for one unbeatable reason: the expertise.

Immerse yourself in three days of transformative content, led by industry leaders and trading veterans who have helped countless students turn their trading accounts into formidable assets.

Every session at the 2024 Smart Trade Summit has been designed to provide you with practical insights and proven strategies to elevate your trading game and align your mindset for success.

As you bid farewell on the final day, you’ll leave behind the stress, frustrations, and uncertainty. Head home reinvigorated, your trading mindset revitalized and fortified for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the world of options trading!

Expect World-Class Networking

It’s one thing to want to take your trading to the next level – but few will follow through this year and actually do it.

At the 2024 Smart Trade Summit, you’ll find mentors who will guide you from frustrating, inconsistent trading (or worse yet, seeking a magic strategy) to finding your path to truly accomplishing your trading goals. Meet the people who have been in your shoes, who have overcome the challenges you face and invested in themselves to get to that next level.

All that networking means you’ll leave this year’s Summit with what you need to continue your trading journey: the connections, tools, mindset, and plan that will make the difference!

An added benefit of the retreat is the exchange of ideas outside the classroom with like-minded options traders."
Jerry & Danny Austin
Smart Trade Summit


$ 1,197
  • 3-Day LIVE Summit
  • Live Trading Session
  • 1 Month FREE Group Coaching or Trade Smart Workshop for all new members
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments
  • Special Happy Hour
  • Evening Dinner Event
  • Market Taker Swag Bag
  • Community Chat


Doubletree Hilton Sonoma

The 2024 Smart Trade Summit will be held in beautiful wine country at the Doubletree Hilton

Venue Address:

One Doubletree Drive
Rohnert Park, California 94928

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