June 10, 2020, Webinar Replay

Make your trading easier

Make your trading more fun

Make money while you learn

The Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching


Because We’re Better Together

The Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching class is your roadmap to easy trading, where every single day you hear from your trading coach, John Kmiecik who shares his nearly three decades of pro insights in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

And the good news is, right now, only for the next few days, you can ACTIVATE YOUR 1-MONTH TRIAL and gain entry for practically nothing.

Here are 3 ways it will make your journey to trading success simple:

1: The Best Trade Ideas EVERY DAY

In up markets, down markets, sideways markets or volatile markets, any trader can make money. John reveals the best trades no matter what is going on in the market. You will get about 10 trade ideas every day so you can “earn while you learn,” as you’re on your way to mastering the options market.

2: Best Analysis Tips and Tricks

John uses the trading analysis “tips” and “tricks” he’s developed over almost 30 years in the market to find trades with the greatest chance of success so you can dramatically increase your winners and skyrocket your success.

3: Time-Tested Systems for Success

Have extreme confidence in yourself and your trading because John will reveal the Systems he developed over his long career. He’ll show you the trade setup and the step-by-step plan for managing and adjusting the trades, and he’ll give you the confidence to relax and enjoy the success you deserve.

I want you to see how great it is. But more importantly, I want you to become a successful Market Taker trader and have the confidence (and potential income) that comes with that.

Activate your trial now for the processing fee of only $99 and get the top trade ideas in the market for an entire month.

Even if all you did was make money on just one trade idea or nugget of wisdom you got out of this class, you already cover the cost. After a full month of this trial, you’re on your way on a life-changing path for your trading.

Trading doesn’t have to be hard.



“I’ve been attending the group coaching every chance I get between my work schedule. I actually have the class in my calendar and put my appointments around it. …I will have paid for a little more than half the class in 3 days.”

-Matthew, Lakewood Ranch, FL

“Since I am not usually able to attend the live classes and participate, I wanted to let you know that they (in recorded mode) are really helpful. Your questions today and yesterday on break-even were tough and got the brain cells moving. And the comments about how good traders don’t rely on vague trade management ideas were motivating to do the homework.”

-Paul, Washington D.C.

“I am loving these credit spreads you have been putting out, I have had a great deal of success this month – thank you…I was telling someone the other day, it is not only the money you help me make, it is also the money you keep me from losing.”

-Patrick, Pueblo, CO

“I have been one of your trading students for over 3 years. No one should be trading options without subscribing to John’s daily Live Session.”

-Doug, Colorado Springs, CO

  “I really grew with the Group Coaching. John you are so wonderful. Your lessons have made me a better trader and made me money, too!!!”

  –Dawn, Lompoc, CA

  “[The Market Taker LIVE Advantage] sure helps me understand how a professional thinks in a live market. It is as if my ‘fishing buddy’ explains to me how he handled the situation in his previous week’s fishing expedition. The short educational reviews are well prepared and right to the point.”

    -Pierre, Ottawa, ON