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Technical Analysis for Option Traders

  1. Point and Figure Charting  - Thursday, July 2
  2. Trading Candles and Common Indicators  - Thursday, July 9
  3. Applying Option Strategies to Breakouts and Trends  - Thursday, July 16
  4. Applying Option Strategies to Consolidation and Neutral Patterns  - Thursday, July 23

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Start with this Online Options Education Series Understanding Technical Analysis for Option Traders and learn the option trading techniques you need to:

  • Trade the time-tested, professional-trader technique of point and figure charting

  • Identify candlestick pattern set ups and AVOID false, money-losing signals

  • Use indicators to identify profitable trends, breakouts, breakdowns and channels

  • Set up the optimal option strategy to maximize profits and minimize losses using technical patterns

  • Learn how the charts can identify high-probability trades in any market condition

  • ...and more!

Enroll now and join us each class (listed above) at 3:30 CT or view the recordings at your leisure, PLUS 24 more classes (each about 75 minutes long)! 

Guest Speaker: Dave Rodgers

Dave Rodgers has over 25 years of financial markets experience. He has traded futures and futures options in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange pits and equity options in the Chicago Board Options Exchange pits. Dave oversaw an off floor trading desk which traded equity options across multiple floors simultaneously. He has also traded Natural Gas futures, options and swaps for the unregulated traded desk at Nicor Enerchange Inc. Dave offers a unique prospective when evaluating trades. His experiences as a futures pit trader, an options market maker, a corporate asset manager and an off floor day trader enables him to use a well-balanced methodology when evaluating trade opportunities.

  • Four LIVE options education seminars each month to give you step-by-step instructions for your trading success, presented Thursday afternoons

  • Six months of previous seminars series archives (That's 24 more Online Options Education classes)

  • PLUS get 30 short-form videos to get you started

  • AND access 8 beginner classes as soon as you enroll

  • Options education resources you need to succeed, including options education videos and PDF options tutorials

  • And additional trading resources, made available exclusively to MTM options education students


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"I would just like to say taking the Market Taker's online courses are the best thing I've ever done in pursuit of being a professional options trader.  Dan is a superior options master as well as an excellent teacher."

William, Monroe Township, NJ

" I have been following your series on time spreads and it is making a world of difference in my understanding of the successful option trade process."

Michael, Pittsburgh, PA 

"I have traded thousands of options contracts in the last 5 years and read nearly all the good options books out there, yet I am picking up great insights and nuances from your videos that are expanding my mind set. Well done."

Christopher, Hong Kong

"...I do feel that the adjustments are the difference maker, between winning and losing and very little educational material exists on how to approach it. Some of the key points that stick in my mind are the short options being the risk and the reward, even though it might be obvious, I never though of it in that way...Your approach even though somewhat technical was easily understandable and very relevant to what I am doing. The series on trade adjustments filled a large knowledge gap that few other courses address..."

Wayne, Pascoag, RI

"I have learned a from all your [classes]. At the beginning, I thought only taking one month, but every month you keep offering better and better classes to take and I have become addicted..."

Francisco, Paterson, NJ

 "I have found [the Online Education classes] to be very helpful and filled with much information...Thank you for your help and the valuable services you provide."

Janet, Lisle, IL

"...The course I took in July was very informative and benefical for me. I learned a great deal. I took this course because my goal is to master simple vertical spread strategies and I was hoping Dan's expertise and experience would help me. It has; I feel more confident about putting on  vertical spreads and I'm having some successes..."

Delphine, New York, NY

 "...This time with you have been very educational for me. The webinars were very insightful and exactly to the point."

Todor, London, UK

"I have found the online instruction to be accurate and relevant. The Execution series provides value with practical tips and a view into the Market Makers mind set.  The Trading Path series rounds out all of the pieces providing a first-rate 10,000 foot macro view. The quality of presentation is excellent and helps keep my focus and helps further illustrate concepts.  I enjoyed the pace of the presentation and patience employed while recapping basic yet critical concepts.  The material is presented in a caring and logical manner, which is really important for me. I feel like every minute spent was worthwhile and will yield a positive future return."

Chuck, Frisco, TX

"...Learning the right way takes a teacher who can deliver it the right way.  And you indeed do that."

Norico, Santa Fe, NM

"I have been working hard to evolve as an options trader for almost 2 years.  I have attended a lot of webinars from a lot of sources, have paid for some instructor-led courses, and have read several books on trading.  Dan's training approach + market perspectives + strategy insights are truly the best I have found.  Dan has lived the life of a professional trader, and is willing and able to share his years of experience in very practical and helpful ways."

Doug, Colorado Springs, CO

"...Dan put me on a new path with my trading after taking only a few clases with him.  I was losing on almost every trade and the knowledge I gained from him helped me change the way I trade. I learned a lot quickly, and went from a string of losing trades to more consistent winners almost right away. Dan also provides valuable insights on how trading really works, from the viewpoint of a market maker, that add to the teaching equation.  He's been key to helping me figure out how to make money trading options.  I'm still learning - option trading is complex and takes time to master - and I will continue to study with Dan.  Without doubt, what I've learned to date from him has proved to be invaluable."

Mary, Front Royal, VA; Online Education Student

"...I just had to tell you that Based on you "Rush and Crush" of earnings, I bought Netflix on Monday at $14 /contract. As I am still learning, I only buy 2 contract per trade. Today on Thursday after earnings, I sold my positions for $22, Generating a profit of $1,609. after commissions. Not bad considering the Dow fell on Tuesday. Once again your seminars are filled with the right stuff."

Keith, Peekskill, NY; Online Education Student

"...Your presentations were very educational and thorough. I particularly learned a lot from presentations on volatility that is a tough concept but you made it easy to follow."

Anil, Roswell, GA; Online Education Student

"...The information learned from Dan Passarelli's webinars was, not only informative in an academic sense, but real world practical that I could literally take to the bank.  The investment I made in the education was returned by the markets, multi-fold."

Brian D., Hamilton, TX; Online Education Student

"...I've read books and gone to workshops-- but your presentations are the clearest and the best.  I am going through the archive (I do appreciate that you keep them available) and really learning a lot."

Lorraine, Cambridge, MA; Online Education Student

"...The webinars really are a good deal and they help exploit [trading] edge beyond books or magazines and other webinars I have attended.  A trader really does get what they pay for with your series... Its easy to tell that you do want people to learn and like educating just from attending these webinars and your free ones as well.  From these webinars and your book I have really learned how to analyze and to take into account the greeks when taking on positions, especially advanced and income positions.  The educating you're providing definitely will pay for itself."

Randy, Greencastle, PA; Online Education Student

"I've been meaning to let you know - your series has been invaluable to me. Between your book and the videos, I feel as though I have come a long way. I'm not trading from my deck chair on a cruise ship or a sandy beach somewhere - yet - but getting closer! Also - the MTM  Trading Journal - priceless. I am learning quite a bit dissecting my trades with this handy tool."

Beverlee, San Antonio, TX; Online Education Student

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