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Confident And Consistent Traders Use MTM Trading Systems Every Day

Confident traders use tools and techniques that give them an edge over the market. They turn to Market Taker Mentoring for proven and tested trading systems that work.  Every MTM System is used by MTM coaches in their daily trading activities in their own funded accounts.  Put your trust where they put theirs.

Which Tool Is Right For You?

The legend below will help you to know which tool is right for your experience, account size and market conditions.


MTM S.M.A.R.T. Income System


It’s amazing that about 97% of investors are leaving money on the table in their investment accounts because they’re not doing this one thing to earn income from assets that they likely already own. 

If you can follow a simple checklist, spend 10 minutes or so a week, and have a desire for additional income in your investment accounts, the MTM SMART Income System is for you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a trader for 10 years or if this is your first time looking at a trading education page. The material in this system will set you up for a lifetime of successful income from this wealth building engine.

Red Knock Out Trading System

The Red Knockout System helps traders identify the most lucrative momentum trades every day. It goes beyond just identifying the stocks and provides smart traders with the information they need to enter the trade, set profit targets, and exit the trade for maximum profit. Without the tested and proven Red Knockout System traders are left wondering what to trade and when. 

Dan Passarelli has created this proprietary trading system using his 30+ years of experience and over 50,000 trades.  Unlock momentum trading with the Red Knockout System today.

Total Earnings Domination

Total Earnings Domination is what MTM Traders do every quarter. It is the proprietary Earnings Announcement Trading System created by Dan Passarelli after over two decades of work on the trading floor. 

This system combines a simple “Yes/No” screening test and a proven process for executing and managing the trades. These earnings trades limit broad market exposure while at the same time creating a confidence building stream of winning trades. And the best thing about trading earnings announcements with Total Earnings Domination is that market direction doesn’t matter! We don’t care about whether the stock goes up or down. 

Start today. Dominate earnings tomorrow.  

MTM Options Raider

Ready to ride the big waves to trading profits?

Then Options Raider is the MTM Trading System for you. This scanner scours the market for the best short squeeze trading opportunities. These are trades with huge profit potential. Remember GameStop and AMC? Those were perfect examples of Short Squeeze stocks. But did you hear about NKLA? No? Well Options Raiders subscribers did hear about that one and saw a 1,733% return on their investment. That’s the kind of trades OptionsRaider finds. 

Just keep the alerts open in your browser and you’ll be notified the instant the real-time CBOE Data indicates a short squeeze is about to happen.