Beginner, But Not Basic Coaching Program

If you are a new trader just starting out, you need an experienced mentor to guide your success. One of the biggest problems we find with new traders is bad habits that can take months to correct. Start out right, and build on the basic principles of trading with an experienced One-on-One Coach at Market Taker Mentoring. 

Our classes are all tailored to the student. If you have some experience, we'll build on it, focusing on your strengths. If you are brand new, we'll start you from the beginning.

When you enroll in One-on-One Coaching at Market Taker Mentoring, you'll have all the trading resources you need to succeed. 

MTM 6-Month One-on-One Coaching Program

  • As soon as you enroll we will do an initial assessment/consultation to establish your current aptitude and goals, then ...

  • Begin your education with our Options Impact basic online video series, watch 30 short-form videos

  • Continue your education with over 40 hours of intense training classes

  • 10 online, one-on-one options coaching sessions with an experienced options professional who spent time in his trading career down on the trading floor (estimated to complete in 6 months)

  • Weekly personalized homework

  • Autographed book, Trading Option Greeks or The Market Taker's Edge (by Dan Passarelli)

  • Live and archived Online Education Program access

  • Lifetime Market Taker Mentoring options education alumni status

  • ...and more!

Here is a basic example of what your 10 One-on-One sessions might look like as a beginning student at Market Taker Mentoring:

Session 1 – Finding out about you and setting your goals and expectations: What type of trader are you? What kind of trader do you want to become? And, how will we get you there?

Session 2 – Fundamentals of options: what they are and how to use them effectively. This will not be just your typical nuts and bolts training.

Session 3 – Advanced option basics: how we can use calls and puts in the most cost and risk efficient way and really increase your portfolio’s net worth.

Session 4 – Call options: including buying, selling, debit spreads and credit spreads. And not just knowing about them; but also knowing when is the best time to use a particular strategy.

Session 5 – Put options: including buying, selling, debit spreads and credit spreads. Also how to use puts for protection and when a put maybe better than a call.

Session 6 – Time to look for some examples of trades: including help with trade execution and chart reading. Traders take these two things for granted but it’s not always as easy as it seems.

Session 7 – More trading path guidance: can’t have enough practice on this. For the more advanced traders we’ll discuss more complicated spread like strangles, straddles, condors and butterflies.

Session 8 – Trade management: how this is so imperative to your ultimate success as a trader and coming up with (and sticking to) a trading plan.

Session 9 and 10 – All about you: any questions or review of any topics you would like to go over.

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