What are the essentials needed to trade

Welcome to today’s video on the essentials for self-directed trading! 🎥 Here’s what you’ll need:

A good computer – make sure it meets your broker’s specs.
A comfy chair – your back will appreciate it.
High-speed internet – no dial-up!
Subscriptions for news and education – stay informed.
Enough capital – start with an amount that supports your goals.
A good frame of mind – positivity and focus are crucial.
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What is log scale and when should I use it

Welcome back! Today, I’m sharing a handy tip for reading stock charts more effectively. 📈 When stocks like Mind Medicine (Mind Med) have big price swings, reading them in percentage terms can be confusing. Switching to a log scale can make a world of difference. It helps visualize consistent percentage moves and understand the real impact of price changes, especially during significant fluctuations. Don’t miss out on this tip! #TradingTips #MindMed #StockMarket #InvestSmart

How to improve trading skills

Hey traders, Dan Passarelli here! In this video, I share three simple yet powerful tips to improve your trading skills:

1️⃣ Have a trading plan – it’s the roadmap to success.
2️⃣ Get good at taking losses – cut them short and maximize your wins.
3️⃣ Get a coach – even the best need guidance.

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AAPL investors get the news they were looking for

Hey everyone, big news from Apple today! They’re partnering with OpenAI, and it’s going to hit Apple phones soon. Apple’s worth had a massive day, up 6.24%! Also, don’t forget the Fed announcement tomorrow, along with CPI & PPI updates. The market’s in a bit of a holding pattern until we get more news on inflation and interest rates. Stay tuned! #Apple #OpenAI #MarketNews #TradeSmart

AAPL’s Big Show and Other Key Events this Week

🎉 Happy Monday, traders! Today, we discuss the market’s steady movement ahead of the CPI and PPI reports, and the anticipated Fed rate decision on Wednesday. We also dive into NVIDIA’s 10-for-1 stock split and how it impacts retail traders. Plus, all eyes are on Apple’s WWDC, especially their AI announcements. Stay informed and trade smart!

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Wrapping up the week and moving forward

Happy weekend, everyone! 🌟 This week saw the S&P 500 reaching new highs, closing at 534.01. Next week is packed with important events like the Fed’s decision on interest rates. What are your plans for the weekend? Maybe spend some time refining your trading plan? Catch you next week with more updates! #Trading #MarketUpdate #FinanceNews #WeekendPlans

Not Trading Is Always an Option


If you have been monitoring the market over the past several months, you have seen lots of volatility without much implied volatility. That is not a good combo. Not only has there been a lot of slop and chop, as I like to call it, but we’ve also seen many moves that have been extended […]

How the NVDA stock split affects the options

🚀 NVDA’s stock is soaring, and it’s giving me a nosebleed! At $1200 a share, it’s a tough buy for retail investors. But here’s the scoop: NVIDIA is doing a 10-for-1 stock split! 🎉

This means for every 1 share, you’ll now have 10 at 1/10th the price, making it more accessible. The company’s value remains the same, just the number of shares and their price change.

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This was a really good predictor today

Today, I’m diving into the essentials of trading covered calls. Wondering what makes a good candidate? I’ll share my insights using examples like Mastercard, Amazon, and why Apple might not be ideal. Join me for a quick tip that can boost your trading strategy. For deeper learning, check out our MTM Smart Income class where we explore covered calls and cash-secured puts in detail. #TradingTips #CoveredCalls #Investing #SmartIncome

What makes for a good covered call candidate?

Today, I’m diving into the essentials of trading covered calls. Wondering what makes a good candidate? I’ll share my insights using examples like Mastercard, Amazon, and why Apple might not be ideal. Join me for a quick tip that can boost your trading strategy. For deeper learning, check out our MTM Smart Income class where we explore covered calls and cash-secured puts in detail. #TradingTips #CoveredCalls #Investing #SmartIncome

Another smiley-faced day!

It’s another smiley-faced market day! 🎉 Today, the S&P 500 had quite the rollercoaster ride, dropping big time before bouncing back to close up. 📈 With a busy calendar ahead, including unemployment reports and JOLTS, we’ve got a lot to watch this week. And don’t forget, our Sonoma, California Summit is next week! Email me at dan@marketer.com or DM me in the chat room to join us. #MarketUpdate #Trading #FinanceNews #JoinUsInSonoma

Weekly Wrap-up & What’s Next

Hey everyone, Dan Passarelli here! Today was a wild ride in the market. We saw some big moves, especially with the S&P 500 testing and closing above the 21-day moving average. Looks like we might be entering a new market cycle with a shift from tech to cyclicals. Next week is packed with important employment data, so stay tuned! #MarketUpdate #StockMarket #Investing #FinancialNews

Smart Traders Record Their Trades

Option trading is like the game of golf. You can never be perfect at it, but you can always get better. As I like to say, “the one thing I cannot teach as an option trader is experience.” The obvious question, then, is how does one gain that experience. There are two ways, and one […]

What are volatility mesas?

🚀 Let’s dive deep into the world of volatility charts! 📊 Most traders, even pros, often misinterpret these. In this video, I break down the concept of implied and historical volatility, and how one-time events can skew your analysis. By the end, you’ll be smarter than 90% of option traders out there! 💡 #TradingTips #Volatility #OptionsTrading #SmartInvesting

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Covered strangle strategy

Today, I’m diving into a strategy I absolutely love under the right circumstances – the covered strangle. We’ll discuss how to buy low, sell high, and generate income using options with strategies like covered calls and cash secured puts. Using Amazon as an example, I’ll show you how to double dip by selling both calls and puts to collect premiums and potentially lower your break-even point. This isn’t an all-the-time strategy, but when you see a stock in a range, it makes a lot of sense. Watch, learn, and trade smart!

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My Biggest Trading Regret(s)

In today’s video, I’m diving into one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my trading career—regret. Inspired by Bobby’s suggestion, I’ll share my biggest trading regret and the valuable insights I’ve gained. Spoiler alert: it’s not about the trades I made, but the ones I didn’t. Join me as I discuss the importance of action and seeking help when needed. Let’s trade smart together!

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Wrapping up the week and a look ahead

Happy Friday, everyone! We’re wrapping up an interesting week in the markets. Despite a rough start, it’s not all doom and gloom. Next week brings some key events and data releases that could shake things up. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and stay tuned for more updates. Don’t forget to save me a hot dog! 🌭

An Option Watchlist Is Critical


So many of the option traders I work with ask me how to find the best trading opportunities. Without an options watchlist, I believe many traders are just searching aimlessly for opportunities. The key is to keep the list active and updated without letting it get so big that it does not help anymore. Having […]

The Big Dog: NVDA

NVIDIA Earnings Blowout! 🚀🔍 #EarningsReport #NVIDIA #StockMarket #AI

NVIDIA crushed earnings expectations with a massive beat! 📈 Earnings estimates were $5.14 but they delivered $6.12. NVIDIA’s stock spiked, hitting a high of $1063 before pulling back to $1026, still up 8% for the day. Despite NVIDIA’s surge, the S&P 500 was down 0.8%. Is this the end of AI hype, or just a new phase? Let’s dive into the details and implications.

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Should you trade index options?

In this video, I recap a chat with one of our student traders about the differences between ETF options and index options. There are some unique advantages of index options, including tax benefits, contract sizes, and assignment risks. Curious about how SPX and SPY differ? Watch the full video to understand why you might consider adding index options to your trading strategy. #OptionsTrading #IndexOptions #ETFOptions #TradingTips

Short interest and how to trade it

In this video, I dive into the concept of short squeezes and the role of high short interest in triggering them. Using SPWR as an example, we explore how professional traders’ actions can lead to significant market movements. Don’t miss out on my upcoming online training at markettaker.com/reg to learn more advanced trading strategies. #TradingTips #ShortSqueeze #StockMarket #Investing101