Veteran options trader, Dan Pasarelli puts a wide variety of Options tools in perspective by offering fresh insights on option trading and valuation.  The Options market is ever changing and in order to keep up with it you’ll need the tools to succeed.  Thankfully, Dan is the Options Master and has compiled all the tools, insight and knowledge he’s gained over the past two plus decades of trading options, all in his book, Trading Options Greeks.  Dan breaks down Options and delivers it in a fashion that appeals to both the professional and the aspiring trader both looking to grow and improve their approach to options trading.  

Dan will teach you how he’s identifying profit opportunities around volatility, time decay or changes in interest rates as well as the proper use of accurate pricing.  Dan dials in on those monumental opportunities in the options market and is providing you with the tools to do the same. Trading Options Greeks teaches you how to use the greeks to find better trades, effectively manage them, and ultimately, become more profitable.

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