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Tired of spending extra time each morning looking for great trade ideas? There’s nothing more defeating then spending 3 hours combing the market for the perfect trade, only to see it backfire on you with little to no profit at all!

In Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching, you will get 10 great trade ideas from options expert, John Kmiecik (formerly with Goldman Sachs) every single day the market is open. Starting at 9 am Central Time, you will watch as he quickly scans the market, selects a trade and then sets it up for maximum profit potential.

Just one of these trades can potentially cover the regular cost of Group Coaching. Trade one…trade none…or trade them all. But don’t be surprised when Coach John says, “I told you so.”

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When You Join Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching You Will Discover

  • How to manage your options portfolio like you have been trading options successfully your entire trading career
  • Fresh trade ideas EVERY DAY!
  • How to develop the trading skills you already have
  • A group forum where you can ask questions and discuss new trading concepts with a seasoned professional
  • Brand-new trading skills to bring your options trading to the next level
  • An arena to receive unbiased support and fresh perspectives from an experienced options professional…
  • How to select better trades and implement high-probability trade strategies
  • How to exit trades with maximum profit
  • And more…

Here Are Some Of The Class Details Of Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching

Your Professional Instructor and Class Leader will be John Kmiecik.

John brings with him a vast amount of knowledge from being in the options arena for well over 25 years. He has worked his way up from accounting to the trading floor for firms such as Goldman Sachs, First Options of Chicago and Lind-Waldock, just to name a few. John has had a very successful career in the options arena.

You’ll enjoy live coaching classes every morning at 9:00 am CT. John will cover current market conditions, identifying potentially profitable trades, discussing different trade techniques, strategies and more…

Plus, you’ll also have access to the archives of every class. That way you can see any class you may have missed or just review any of the information to make sure you completely understand how to gain an edge in the market.  

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I used to like naked puts before I started with MTM. I had two trades on that had I not attended your classes, I would have lost over $20,000 in total on Monday alone. Instead I lost $600. I told my wife that this day was worth the entire investment.

Jerry, Katy, TX

Dan, here’s a little update. It’s one thing to repeat a trade set up that we have done before. What really matters most is when you really grasp the concept of using vol’s to gain an edge. We have a September call spread on FB, kind of our normal deal. Yesterday I was looking at it to see if any adjustments need to be made pre earnings announcement. While looking at, I noticed that the IV had exploded versus the HV on the August expiration.

The cool part is the trade idea jumped out at me immediately. I didn’t care which way FB would move on earnings but IV was telling me that most traders were expecting an awful lot one way or the other. I took the other side and sold an iron condor. Stock was trading 95-96 so I sold the aug 100-110 call spread and the aug 90-80 put spread simultaneously for a total credit of $4.00. This am I closed the position for 2.05 as the IV collapsed according to plan.

There’s no way I would have seen that before, thank you!

Mike, Edmund, OK

“Closed out a NFLX Bull Put Spread that you discussed last Tuesday. Made enough to cover the fee for the group coaching sessions. Thanks for providing these sessions.  I am learning a ton.”

Kevin, Bentonville, AR 

“Thank you for some great trades….FDX, AAPL, etc.!!!!!   Remember that mess I had w/ Googl?  I was going to lose $1900, but with your assistance, I made adjustments and made a profit of $700 instead…Thanks!

The GILD butterfly, the FB straddle, AAPL, SPY, MMM, etc., etc.,  were all excellent trading ideas from you that I recently made excellent money trading…..thanks! Honestly…I love your service and hearing your insights and ideas every day”

Debi, Brentwood, CA

“Since I am not usually able to attend the live classes and participate, I wanted to let you know that they (in recorded mode) are really helpful. Your questions today and yesterday on break-even were tough and got the brain cells moving. And the comments about how good traders don’t rely on vague trade management ideas were motivating to do the homework.”

Paul, Washington D.C.

“By the way our little discussion on IBM and red bar ignored candles the
other day convinced me to close out my position on IBM with a nice little profit.”

Ted, Montgomery, TX

“I am loving these credit spreads you have been putting out, I have had a great deal of success this month – thank you.….I was telling someone the other day, it is not only the money you help me make, it is also the money you keep me from losing. I was thinking of a trade I was going to make on IBM that you talked me out of.”

Patrick, Pueblo, CO

“John I want to Thank You and let you know how much I am enjoying the meetings. You have opened my eyes to several new ideas and I have made some hopefully good trades. I am very conservative so I will go out a little past some the trades you point out. I still have alot to learn on the greeks but it is beginning to make more sense to me.”

Jack, Phoenix, AZ 

“The GILD butterfly, the FB straddle, AAPL, SPY, MMM, etc., etc.,  were all excellent trading ideas from you that I recently made excellent money trading…..thanks! Honestly…I love your service and hearing your insights and ideas every day!!!”

Debi, Brentwood, CA

John, your discussion defining technical differences between potentially real and false gaps was more informative than anything I’ve read. It was especially valuable during earnings season, and with the discussion of entries, it helped me refocus on trading.

The AAPL trade is nice, Accenture and Conagra, too. Following you, I’m beginning to appreciate how valuable a watch list of actively traded stocks is for swing trading.”

Fred, Durham, NC

“I feel extremely optimistic about this daily call. I have been doing some option trading and equity trading for a few years but have been very erratic in results. Already what I have heard and learned from just 2 calls is going to help.”

John, Summerville, SC

“We went over a calendar spread on FFIV… I bought the Aug (standard expiry) and sold the Jul 25 112 strike weekly at $1.08. I got out on the 24th, day after earnings, for $1.60. Not a bad trade, $.52 on a max loss of $1.08. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.”

Gerry, Elmhurst, IL


“Group Coaching has been a great way to start my trading day: lots of ideas from John and the group, watching how a professional trader trades, consistently and with a keen eye.

I really enjoyed your class and hearing other students’ ideas. Great interaction, nice to know I can vet my crazy ideas with a real pro…” 

Patricia, Sacramento, CA

 “Thanks for another great coaching session I love the pace and am actually keeping up and most of what gets said makes sense to me. I feel like I am in the right place to learn.I like your approach, you have stopped me from taking trades just to “be in the game”.” 

Dore, Vancouver, WA

“I have been one of your trading students for over 3 years. No one should be trading options without subscribing to John’s daily Live Session. You can quote me.”

Doug, Colorado Springs, CO

  “…being in the room with John is like a flying death drone…you find the best target and take it out!”

  Rick, Cypress, TX

  “I really grew with the Group Coaching. John you are so wonderful. Your lessons have made me a better trader and made me money, too!!!”

  Dawn, Lompoc, CA

  “…I made 10 option spreads based on your guidance; 8 were net gains, 2 were net losses, for a net gain of $945. So it’s been very worthwhile for me plus a valuable learning experience.”

Pete, Bountiful, UT

  “I really liked the class….your chart reading is great…it is the way I was taught to read charts, and hearing you is a great reinforcement.”

Lorraine, Cambridge, MA

  “… After losing money for about a year just screwing around… I started subscribing to different services and I have to say, I have learned the most from you guys.

I’m a former golf pro and still play a lot of national amateur golf around Chicago and the country so I talk to a lot of “traders” and “pros” and I have to say I really thought it was an oversimplification but their adage of “amateurs buy options and pros sell them” makes a ton of sense to me now. I was losing money because I really had no strategy for my long call or put buying and was all over the map when it came to closing trades.

  Now I am managing my wife’s and my portfolio from an income side using verticals, butterflys, condor, iron condors, calendars, diagonals, etc and I can’t tell you how much “easier” it is from a stress level because I have a repair strategy available thanks to guys like you…”

Mark, Naperville, IL

  “John is a very good instructor! I’ve improved and learned a lot about disciplining and structuring my options trading by just listening to him for the last couple weeks. He is also very responsive to questions and I like his no-nonsense non-PC style of teaching. It’s a breath of fresh air to have people say exactly what they think and mean it.”

  Sharon, Seattle, WA

“…I will say that this coaching was a very good investment and I learned a lot. John is an excellent teacher at not only providing a through understanding but also in pointing out potential trade ideas to fit various trading styles. He also has a good grasp of the current market conditions. Honestly he is the first person I have interacted with that not only knows how to trade well but also knows how to teach it well.”

  Cody, Fort Worth, TX

  “[The Market Taker LIVE Advantage] sure helps me understand how a professional thinks in a live market. It is as if my “fishing buddy” explains to me how he handled the situation in his previous week’s fishing expedition. The short educational reviews are well prepared and right to the point.

The coach does a great job with Group Coaching and I know of no other similar service on the options educational market. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about options trading without hesitation.”

    Pierre, Ottawa, ON

  “…I really appreciate your common sense approach to trading John. I am comfortable with the fact that you “tell it like it is”…”

    Jerry, Boerne, TN

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