Learn from CBOE veteran trader Dan Passarelli in a special 6-part Video Masters Series: Income Trading Master Sessions

Income trades are the most popularly traded option strategy families of trades. …and for good reason. With income trades, traders can set up high-probability trades and stack the odds in their favor.

In these Masters Sessions, you’ll discover exactly how seasoned traders trade options for income. You’ll learn what they look for and why. You’ll learn how to find income trades, how to set them up to put the odds in your favor, how to leg into them and how to manage and adjust them. Most importantly, you’ll learn what kind of pitfalls to avoid to prevent unnecessary losses.

Once you learn the approach a veteran trader takes when trading income trades, you’ll be able to make changes in your trading system that could potentially have a huge impact on your portfolio. Don’t miss this Series!

Enroll in the classes now and you’ll have instant access to all these one-hour video classes for 3 full months.

Your Income Trading Master Sessions Video Classes:

  • Finding Great Income Trades
  • Secrets to Analyzing Income Trades
  • Legging and Execution Techniques
  • Complex Income Trades
  • Adjusting Income Trades
  • Adjusting Income Trades II

Your ticket to this 6-part Master Session is just… $599

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