The Trade Smart Workshop

Learn the techniques used by successful professional and retail traders and how to put them to use in your option trading.

MTM’s Trade Smart Workshop

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MTM's Trade Smart Workshop


Get options education from a trader with years of CBOE trading floor experience. You won’t find online options education like this anywhere else.

  • Drill deep down in each options education topic.
  • Get a solid understanding from a floor trader’s perspective.
  • Limit on the number of students, so you can get your questions answered.


Enroll in MTM’s Trade Smart Workshop today! Sign up for a subscription-based options education seminar program to learn options from the privacy of your own home. For just $299 per month, you can enjoy online options seminars presented weekly by Dan Passarelli (formerly with CBOE) and other options experts.

Subscribe now to the June MTM Trade Smart Workshop: Hands-On Option Trade Adjustment Techniques

  1. To Adjust or Not to Adjust – Monday, June 10
  2. Outright and Spread Adjustments – Thursday, June 20
  3. Adjusting Credit Spreads, Iron Condors and Butterflies – Tuesday, June 25
  4. Advanced Options Adjustments – Thursday, June 27

Start with the June Trade Smart Workshop, Hands-On Option Trade Adjustment Techniques, and you will learn:

  • Adjustment secrets from the trading floor from a veteran market maker
  • Simple and complex adjustment strategies
  • How to roll up, down and out and combinations thereof
  • When adjustments are necessary and when it’s better to just close the trade
  • Techniques for adjusting credit spreads, time spreads, iron condors and more
  • The time-spread continuation profit generating technique
  • The right times to trigger adjustments to avoid whipsaws
  • …and more professional techniques from author and 30-year trading-floor veteran trader, Dan Passarelli!
Enroll now and join us for each class (listed above) at 3:30 CT or view the recordings at your leisure. 
The Trade Smart Workshop includes:
  • Four LIVE options education seminars each month to give you step-by-step instructions for your trading success, presented Thursday afternoons
  • FOUR months of previous seminar series archives (that’s 16 more Trade Smart Workshop classes)
  • PLUS access to 8 beginner classes as soon as you enroll
  • Options education resources you need to succeed, including options education videos and PDF options tutorials
  • And additional trading resources, made available exclusively to MTM options education students


Trade Smart Workshop – Pricing

Month-by-Month Subscription – $299

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Listen to Our Trade Smart Workshop Students…

“Your program is excellent! Exactly what I hoped it would be.”

-Steve, AZ

“I used to like naked puts before I started with MTM. I had two trades on that had I not attended your classes, I would have lost over $20,000 in total on Monday alone. Instead I lost $600. I told my wife that this day was worth the entire investment.”

Jerry, Katy, TX

“I would just like to say taking the Market Taker’s online courses are the best thing I’ve ever done in pursuit of being a professional options trader. Dan is a superior options master as well as an excellent teacher.”

William, Monroe Township, NJ

“I have been following your series on time spreads and it is making a world of difference in my understanding of the successful option trade process.”

Michael, Pittsburgh, PA 

I have traded thousands of options contracts in the last 5 years and read nearly all the good options books out there, yet I am picking up great insights and nuances from your videos that are expanding my mind set. Well done.”

Christopher, Hong Kong

“…I do feel that the adjustments are the difference maker, between winning and losing and very little educational material exists on how to approach it. Some of the key points that stick in my mind are the short options being the risk and the reward, even though it might be obvious, I never though of it in that way…Your approach even though somewhat technical was easily understandable and very relevant to what I am doing. The series on trade adjustments filled a large knowledge gap that few other courses address…”

Wayne, Pascoag, RI

“I have learned a lot from all your [classes]. At the beginning, I thought only taking one month, but every month you keep offering better and better classes to take and I have become addicted…”

Francisco, Paterson, NJ

 “…This time with you [has] been very educational for me. The webinars were very insightful and exactly to the point.”

Todor, London, UK

“I have found the online instruction to be accurate and relevant. The Execution series provides value with practical tips and a view into the Market Makers mind set. The Trading Path series rounds out all of the pieces providing a first-rate 10,000 foot macro view. The quality of presentation is excellent and helps keep my focus and helps further illustrate concepts. I enjoyed the pace of the presentation and patience employed while recapping basic yet critical concepts. The material is presented in a caring and logical manner, which is really important for me. I feel like every minute spent was worthwhile and will yield a positive future return.”

Chuck, Frisco, TX