Option Trading Video Tutorials

Get started with MTM’s options trading video tutorials on your way to becoming a more successful trader.

Trading LEAPS Options

LEAPS options are long-term options that expire between one and two and a half years. Learn how to trade LEAPS options in this short options-trader tutorial.

LEAPS can make a great addition to a longer-term investor’s portfolio, adding both leverage and protection. These longer-term options are also more affected by changes in volatility and the interest rate, giving traders and investors more opportunities to trade options nuances. LEAPS options are also often traded as part of a diagonal in what is sometimes referred to as a “Poor-man’s covered call”.

This short video reveals all the basics you need to get started in LEAPS options.

Trading Weeklys Options

Traders who trade weekly options can potentially outperform those who don’t. Short weeklys options have big time decay or hight theta. Long weeklys options are low cost and have high gamma.

Serial weekly options have benefits as well, adding more expiration choices, thus increasing traders’ flexibility to optimize options expirations.

This short video reveals all the basics you need to get started in weekly options.

Income Trading Video

Learn how to use income trades to generate a high probability of success. It all starts with a strong foundation. Watch this “Introduction to Income Trading” tutorial…

Income trading is a family of powerful option trading strategies that can profit in certain market environments that are not possible by trading the stock alone.

Use these strategies to profit in complacent markets, slow trending markets and markets with support and resistance expected to hold in the short term.