Planning and Psychology Bootcamp

After attending this half-day, online Bootcamp you’ll free yourself of the baggage that holds you back as a trader and level up to be the shrewd, savvy, expert trader you’ve always dreamed you could be.

It’s mind over market. But this Bootcamp is not just about mastering your emotions. It’s more than that…

It’s not what the market does that makes you money or loses you money. It’s how you react to the market that ultimately determines whether you are an overwhelming success or a frustrated trader with little hope of making it work.

When you attend this essential Bootcamp you’ll be able to easily handle the curveballs the market throws at you because you’ll trade with a disciplined, methodical approach free of emotional noise that can cloud judgment and hinder your long-term success.

This class is part Planning and Psychology, part Trade Management, part Trading-Plan Methodology and SO MUCH MORE. That’s why we need a half day go pack it all in.

In this never-before-seen Bootcamp, you’ll discover…

  • How to handle common market “head fakes” that can whipsaw and shake out traders letting their emotions get the best of them
  • How to manage trades with the methodology and precision of a fund manager
  • The MTM Trading-Plan Checklist – Surprisingly easy to follow!
  • Why the BIG MONEY traders don’t make silly mistakes and how you can trade just like them
  • How to strategically enter trade orders to position yourself for success, and common mistakes to avoid
  • The 7 traits of money-making traders (and the 2 you are definitely not using yet)
  • The first thing you learn as a professional trader and use EVERY DAY for the rest of your trading career
  • The Positive-Attitude approach to trading and why it is crucial for success
  • The one thing you can do every day to improve your “Trading Zen”

Just $297 for the half day Bootcamp

REGISTER NOW and get these special bonuses valued at $600…

Bonus 1

Student Appreciation Event: December 6, 2017, at 3:30 Central Time

“The December Effect, The Santa Claus Rally, and EOY Window Dressing: What’s the Reality?”

This class is a free gift for Students who register for the Planning and Psychology Bootcamp. (Normally a $250 value.) We’ll cover many of the end-of-year trader superstitions and show you how you can profit from them being armed with the truth. This class will help you close out 2017 strong.

Bonus 2

30 Days FREE access to the Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching daily online class

Join MTM’s Head Coach, John Kmiecik, an hour each day at 9:00am Central Time as he unveils the day’s best trades, real time while you watch. You’ll get about 10 trade ideas every day, plus the trading plan for each, as well as learning new skills to SKYROCKET YOUR SUCCESS. (Normal price $350 a month.)*

*Offer not valid to current Group Coaching students. Class renews at 43% discount price of just $199 a month for life. You may cancel anytime.