MTM Student Testimonials

Hear what our options coaching students have to say…


“I went from an average of 30 to 40 trades a week to 5 to 15 trades a week. Much more selective in what I trade. My account has grown 53% in the past 90 days! … I’ve been really ‘lucky’ lately, but wanted to thank you for giving me the foundational knowledge to apply to my practice. Keep up the good work!”

-Dave, Malvern, PA

“I wanted to tell you that the TED class was very effective for me. Your approach to using vega and IV analysis to select strikes and filter stocks by past volatility with earnings is a formula that is repeatable for me. I even took a nano (~$200) ToS account and turned it into a micro account (>$1000) during May primarily trading with the TED techniques! (I traded another account that is a little larger, too.) I’ve spent a lot of money on options trading classes. …I think I can use your system more consistently and more profitably than the other approaches I’ve learned.”

-Dan, Wilsonville, OR

“I have put on 11 trades since 5/13 using the techniques taught [in Total Earnings Domination], including one straddle (A on 5/21), got 8 profitable trades, 2 losing trades & one breakeven. Position sizing/risking about 2% of account (a 26K IRA – so about $520 ish/trade). Have already made course fee back. Thanks again for teaching this excellent method to us!”

-Greg, Lombard, IL

“I’m very satisfied with what I’ve learned from your operation. I give it a 10/10. It’s the best education that I’ve found thus far. I was able to pass all my tests for a prop firm without going through any of their coursework. That’s how awesome you guys are.”

-Josh, Friedens, PA 

“I’ve come back to the fold by subscribing to the Edge with John S. I have to say I really learned a lot in John K’s class, but what John S. teaches I feel is very unique. His insights on how to read charts, and all the notes I’ve accumulated on his ‘tips’ have made me MUCH more observant of price activity. In addition, John S’s evaluation of upcoming economic events caused me to be even more attentive to financial data coming out every day. The ‘heads up’ John gives concerning these weekly, on tap, events is very insightful.”

-Tom, Evergreen Park, IL

“Really enjoyed the TED. I am above 80% win rate. Most of the others were maybe 5% loss. Only 1 total loss out of 16 trades. Like you said middling is really important and waiting for the Bid/Ask to normalize. It can be really wide for up to an hour after the open. Just waiting that hour made a few of the trades winners instead of losers.” 

-Russell, Glendale, CA

“I have learned a lot (but not enough, yet) about the opportunities or protections that options provide. My recently acquired awareness of collars and protective puts saved me several thousands of dollars in my retirement accounts. I am expecting that what I continue to learn from MTM will lead to a significant positive impact on my trading accounts. Thank you for your support of my continuing education.”

-Dave, Bellville, TX

“Got my target on AAPL and small profit on V. Thanks Dan, trades are working out great.”

-Ray, Hawthorne, CA

“Just wanted to say thank you for all of your teaching over the years. There are so many charlatans out there but you are making a real difference in people’s lives. I don’t speak much in classes but I started listening to you with Options Boot Camp. Then I read all of your books, then I did your one on one training with John. Now I’m doing your earnings course. I’ve made 10 times what you charge with the information you have provided. You’re not a magician and you don’t claim to be. I had to work hard and study and apply the lessons but they work if you work them.

“This week alone I earned a 30% return on Starbucks, 50% on Microsoft, 25% on Tesla, 25% on Qualcomm and 25% on Facebook. I had 3 other trades that didn’t work. I learned from them and was still able to break even on them. I know it kills you to see other traders earning 10 times what you’re getting on the knowledge trade…LOL!

“Anyway, in these difficult times, know that you have really taken your knowledge and blessed your fellow man with it.”

-Christopher, Charlotte, NC

“Got out of MSFT 175/177.5 double calendar for 49.78% profit.”

-Vik, Camas, WA

“MFST got out at 3.95, 32% profit. love this!”

-Steven, Frisco, TX

“MSFT calendar spread – Bought @ 2.65, Sold 3.75 for 41.5% profit.”

-Jill, Cincinnati, OH

“With MSFT & YNDX more than covered cost of Earnings Course/Live Trading. The way I looked at it: 10 live Earnings week trading at $40+ per class. Everything else is a bonus.”

-John, Augusta, GA

“Closed the last 5 @ 1.41 total gain $425 less comm. Class has paid for itself. Thanks Dan!”

-David, South Lake Tahoe, CA

“Thanks, great class. Exactly what I was looking for. I have been pretty successful trading calendars and butterflies. But I wanted something different, which this seems to be. Also the class gave me a lot insight into options and the greeks. I am a fairly new trader, but I have been putting in the work to move my skills forward.”

-Dennis, East Peoria, IL

“I took Dan’s MTM course about 7 years ago in college and was my first exposure to a structured options trading strategy. He started me down the path that I’m on today and super thankful to have stuck with it. It hasn’t been easy, but now I’m a professional options trader at a fund. Thanks Dan!”

-Tyler, Lexington, TN

“Thank you for everything you have taught me. My accounts are higher than they have ever been and I have much more confidence in my investing/ trading ability. The quizzes have really deepened my knowledge of options and listening to your approach to trading has strengthened my technical abilities and broadened my view of investing/ trading.”

-Tom, El Segundo, CA

“Dan, thank you for developing the SMART income system and making it available to your students. I love how you explain everything clearly and invite questions when someone doesn’t understand. You make it easy to use the system in a trading account or an investment account.

“I am investing within my IRA. At 75 years of age, I cannot afford to lose money. I have made a lot of money with SMART. What I like best is how easy you make it to tell whether or not a particular stock is a good candidate for the system. Since you tell us how to choose the strike and expiration, and how to manage the trade, it feels like the only thing left for us to do is to rake in the money. I don’t want to deceptively oversimplify. But you make it really simple, and you give us access to the replays and the slides.”

-Ann, Houston, TX

“I wanted to say thank you for giving us rank [newbies] access to so much experience and through simple instruction giving us access to your years of experience. I’ve been attending the group coaching every chance I get between my work schedule. I actually have the class in my calendar and put my appointments around it. …I will have paid for a little more than half the class in 3 days.”

-Matthew, Lakewood Ranch, FL

“Great!!! Just sold my first Earning Time Spread with Philip Morris and made $122…..Yippiee….in less than 18 hours!!!!!”

-Alex, Zurich, Switzerland

“My options trading has been the best total gain over the last three months but the best part is I had only 1/3 the capital at risk. So my risk adjusted returns are high.”

-Mark, Media, PA

“As a result of working with Dan and John at Market Taker Mentoring I am finally making money trading options. I was always listening to too many people, too many claims, too many traders guaranteeing I would make money. I spent 9 years never ending the year in the black. Working with Market Taker Mentoring… I am finally making money. You can trust Dan Passarelli and John Kmiecik at Market Taker Mentoring. They are the real deal and will tell you like it really is.”

-Rick, Plainwell, MI

“I can honestly say that Dan’s training is unmatched in the industry and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the sessions.”

-Marc, New South Wales, Australia

“I have learned a LOT from John K., John S., and Dan P. about trading options. I went from a ‘base novice’ to someone very well versed on the workings of options.”

-Tom, Evergreen Park, IL

“All my trades from the Mastermind session are closed out except my WYNN put calendar (looking like a winner). Looks like it will probably end up being 11 out of 12 trades were winners. Now the important part. In the week following I have maintained a 2-1 win loss ratio. Boosting my main account around 3.5%, and my secondary account a little over 20%. The best trick I learned was looking for an extended move above or below the high of low of the first hour. Consistently working 2 out of three times for me. Very happy with the preliminary results. Hope to annualize these numbers.

“Thanks for your help and support.”

-Danny, Bridgeport, TX

“The first class I took at Market Taker Mentoring in August 2016 was the Covered Call Workshop. The new SMART Income System series builds on and reinforces the knowledge and tools I first leaned about in the Workshop. I trade many covered calls and cash-secured puts and the SMART Income System definitely provides me with a confidence in selecting the right components and attributes for the trade. The series is very easy to understand and is presented in a very logical manner.

“The training and education provided by Market Taker Mentoring has been excellent. I’m a retired environmental consultant and I trade every day in order to increase the value of my retirement assets. The coaching and skills I’ve learned as a Market Taker Mentoring student has made my trading profitable, with a focus on risk management, from the very first month I started trading options in September 2016.”

-Mark, Bellevue, WA

“Option trading used to be overwhelming with my busy schedule. I’d often miss opportunities or fail to manage positions properly, because I am not able to monitor markets all day. MTM helped me to formulate a rational methodology for covered calls and cash-secured puts. It still requires a good bit of thought and effort, but it can be done mostly on my schedule rather than the market’s. This, along with several other MTM tips, tricks, rules-of-thumb, and other bits of wisdom, provides an edge to offset my inability to constantly monitor markets. In addition to helping me better understand trading, MTM helped trading fit into my life better.”

-Mike, San Diego, CA

“Thanks to Dan and John for all of their excellent instruction. I am a better and smarter trader because of the education I have received from MTM.”

-Chris, Lake in the Hills, IL

“My favorite trade of the week was protecting my FB shares and still making money. John always recommended that I protect or play shares in more than one way. I let 33% ride. I sold a 170 call for $8 and bought a 150 put for about $1.50. When the market opened, I bought back the call on 1/3 of shares for an options profit of $2. I still have 1/3 covered and will probably roll. So I captured most of the upside of FB but felt protected quite a bit on the downside. Maybe it doesn’t always work like this but when it does, it’s nice. Benefit of one on one.”

-Mark, Media, PA

“I closed the position out yesterday and netted $461.00… Thanks, again, for what you give each morning. Otherwise I would have abandoned options in frustration and fallen back to my comfort zone in stocks.”

-Richard, Groveland, MA

“I got filled yesterday on your AMZN call credit spread idea from class yesterday, at the ask, no chasing the price, and closed this morning for a nice profit, not max but hit my planned target. Thanks for the lone green trade that mitigated my sea of red!”

-Blair, Ontario, Canada

“I’m so glad I found you and John. You and John teach me how to trade options in any environment. But even more than that John’s class every morning teaches me how to look for trades and how to manage them once they are on and you refine my knowledge with the Thursday afternoon webinars. You are so supportive of my journey to get to my long term trading goals and I can’t begin to thank you enough for that. The education and the support that you and John give is awesome.”

-Cat, Lee’s Summit, MO

“I haven’t been able to attend the class or trade much lately, but I was able to make a successful swing trade on SLB recently. I used the Macrograph chart, TAP and range information, along with instructions from you and John Kmiecik on entering and exiting a trade. Missed the high today but was still able close it out for a nice profit before it dropped. I’ve got a lot more to learn.”

-Joe, New York, NY

“The recent training has been very helpful, especially with the market’s recent correction… This is the most useful trading site/group I have found.”

-Rick, Arlington, TX

“I’ve been with the MTM Family for a while now and Portland was my first in person event. Oh boy what excitement for me, for the first time meeting Dan, Market Maker, somebody who we are against every time when making a trade. John and Dan are truly exceptional. They really care about you learning, understanding and above all making sure you keep your profits. Oftentimes I heard from them ‘Nobody ever went broke taking a profit.’ Every time I thought in my head to be greedy, I could hear John screaming at me… Big thank you to both of them, as without them I wouldn’t be here. There is still a lot for me to learn from both of them and looking forward to the next live event.”

-Bosa, Agoura Hills, CA

“My son and I have had the pleasure of attending three of the four annual options retreats hosted by MTM to date. The MTM Options Retreats are a great venue for joining options traders from across the country for practical, real-life and in-person training, coaching and dialogue with two of the leading options trainers and mentors in the industry. An added benefit of the retreat is the non-stop exchange of ideas, learnings and questions, outside the classroom, from like-minded options traders. The locations for the events are like ‘Icing on the cake’ as we’ve started tacking on some vacation time in front of the retreat as well. We are looking forward to this year’s session and already have the dates blocked in our calendars.”

-Jerry, Katy, TX

“Thanks for pounding the ‘take your profits’ lesson into my thick skull. Keep pounding please. Took profits on a number of positions earlier this week, including yesterday – these would not have been profits by this afternoon if I hadn’t taken profits. Man, I am very, very grateful for your insight and guidance!”

-Blair, Ontario, Canada

“I found the retreats to be very beneficial. (I have attended more than one.) There is in depth information and it really helps to have access to Dan and John for answering specific questions. Plus, it’s just fun being around like minded traders for sharing strategies and experiences. A retreat goes way beyond regular webinars in their depth and focus. Always well worth it! Thanks for all you guys do to help us be Market Takers!”

-Bill, Bradenton, FL

“The retreat in Portland was excellent. The classes were very informative and the retreat was a perfect environment for asking questions. I had several great discussions with the other traders there and it was a very memorable vacation through wine country on the return trip. The Telluride and Portland retreats both exceeded expectations and I am looking forward to this year’s retreat.”

-Tom, El Segundo, CA

“Excellent seminar for three reasons. First, Market [Taker] teaches a practical, high probability Options techniques. Secondly, the participants share their market insights and give you new perspectives. Third, the retreat is a lot of fun. Options investing is serious. However,  Market Taker educates you but makes it fun!”

-Mark, Media, PA

“Just want to say big, big thank you, the GC has been awesome, and I have totally recovered my account, and more. Been great trading the past 2 weeks.”

-James, Alicante, Spain

“I am forever indebted to you for convincing me to sign up for 1-1 and John K for the 1-1 training. When I submitted the 1st draft of my trading plan for review, I had absolutely no idea what a credit spread or debit spread or calendar or diagonal even was, aside from reading some generic info in a strategy guide. I left those sections of my trading plan blank / TBD. When I updated the plan for final review / comments, I realized I actually LEARNED this stuff. I could analyze any position based on the Greeks before entering. I could hypothetically run through the what-ifs – what if the stock dropped X, what would my position be now… If knowledge is power as they say, MTM has given me the power to really own my trading, feeling confident in knowing the why behind my trading decisions. Thanks!”

-Jeff, Hawkins, TX

“I’m so thankful for you and John. Since I’ve signed on with MTM, it’s been a dramatically positive sea change in my trading.”

-Deborah, Montreal, Canada

“Between you, John K. and John S., you have a star studded lineup in tact, that’s for sure!!!!!”

-Dave, Barneveld, NY

“I’ve been putting some of what we’ve talked about in our last one on one class to work and it’s literally paid off handsomely.”

-Joe, New York, NY

“I’ve been listening to class and enjoying them. It makes me place more winning trades. Lol. For real, I have played a bunch of stuff from class and most were winners. Not just techniques but other stocks. My UNH is up $2,500. Had a good day yesterday while having the Fewest number of contracts on but stuff soared.”

-Mark, Media, PA

“Your program is excellent! Exactly what I hoped it would be.”

-Steve, Phoenix, AZ

“I am extremely appreciative of the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired from MarketTaker, not to mention the ability to add a couple thousand on average to my monthly cash flow!”

-Doug, Jupiter, FL

“I am a new subscriber, in my 2nd month. I get a lot out of the coaching sessions, learning lots. You are indeed a very good coach, I like your style.”

-Mick, Canada

“Thank you John and Dan for your guidance with your help I am on a two week eight straight win streak. Bringing an annualized return of over 185% don’t expect to bat 1000 forever but not a bad looking snapshot of what these strategies can do. When combined with wise loss management.”

-Danny, Bridgeport, TX

“I closed the SPX trade that I mentioned on the group coaching class today. I was tempted to grind it out, but since I have have taken your class I have left trades earlier (especially losers). However, it was hard to buy back a $2,400 short position:). Since your class, I exited winners earlier. This reduces risk but also has allowed me to put the capital to work on a fresh trade. I made over $11,000 on the SPX spread of which 60% is treated as long term gains. The tax savings are huge versus SPY. I believe your class has helped me be more capital efficient, but also it has allowed me to have lower risk! Thanks for your mentoring!!!”

-Mark, Media, PA

“Also, thanks for everything you offer from MTM. Having gone to a few of the group sessions now, I am really starting to see the value of John’s sessions in conjunction with what I am learning from you every week. You are giving me the framework, and John puts the meat on the bones. 1-on-1 coaching is the best decision I could have made at this junction in my trading education.”

-Regina, Lander, WY

“I have found Dan Passarelli and John Kmiecik to be very honest and upfront. They really trade, and they do a great job of teaching in a way that is easily accessible. They care about their students and are constantly finding ways to help them to become better traders…”[…More]

-Rick, Wayland, MI

“Closed out a NFLX Bull Put Spread that you discussed last Tuesday. Made enough to cover the fee for the group coaching sessions. Thanks for providing these sessions. I am learning a ton.”

-Kevin, Bentonville, AR

“Thank you for some great trades….FDX, AAPL, etc.!!!!!   Remember that mess I had w/ Googl? I was going to lose $1900, but with your assistance, I made adjustments and made a profit of $700 instead…Thanks! The GILD butterfly, the FB straddle, AAPL, SPY, MMM, etc., etc., were all excellent trading ideas from you that I recently made excellent money trading…..thanks! Honestly…I love your service and hearing your insights and ideas every day.”

-Debi, Brentwood, CA

“By the way our little discussion on IBM and red bar ignored candles the other day convinced me to close out my position on IBM with a nice little profit.”

-Ted, Montgomery, TX

“John I want to Thank You and let you know how much I am enjoying the meetings. You have opened my eyes to several new ideas and I have made some hopefully good trades. I am very conservative so I will go out a little past some the trades you point out. I still have alot to learn on the greeks but it is beginning to make more sense to me.”

-Jack, Phoenix, AZ

“I am so much more balanced in my trades now. I know it is early, but already compared to last year, there is no comparison. My trading/management plan has made a HUGE difference. Thanks again my friend!!”

-Al, Topeka, KS

“I do wish to express my gratitude to you and Dan. I am feeling much more confident trading. Placed my first double calendar today. The value of the coaching, mentoring, and videos has become increasingly apparent to me as time goes by. I took a few months “off” because of other commitments. Now, going through the video archives a second time, and reviewing your daily series when I get home at night, it’s all finally starting to “click”. I also needed to learn to keep it simple. It’s really not as terribly difficult as it initially appears.”

-Jeff, Greeley, CO

“I would just like to say taking the Market Taker’s online courses are the best thing I’ve ever done in pursuit of being a professional options trader. Dan is a superior options master as well as an excellent teacher.”

-William, Monroe Township, NJ

“The AAPL trade is nice, Accenture and Conagra, too. Following you, I’m beginning to appreciate how valuable a watch list of actively traded stocks is for swing trading.”

-Fred, Durham, NC

“I feel extremely optimistic about this daily call. I have been doing some option trading and equity trading for a few years but have been very erratic in results. Already what I have heard and learned from just 2 calls is going to help.”

-John, Summerville, SC


“We went over a calendar spread on FFIV… I bought the Aug (standard expiry) and sold the Jul 25 112 strike weekly at $1.08. I got out on the 24th, day after earnings, for $1.60. Not a bad trade, $.52 on a max loss of $1.08. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.” 

-Gerry, Elmhurst, IL

“I just want to take a moment to tell you that I really appreciate your help. I’ve been around the block a few times and I firmly believe you are that most positive and honest of all the professionals. It’s been a couple of hard years for me but your experience and willingness to help is making a difference. thank you. A 70 year old Marine.”

-Wayne, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“…I owe much of the success that I’ve had in options to your teaching and mentoring. Aside from your clear teaching style, your emphasis on risk and money management is what separates you from the rest.”

-Jeff, Highland Park, IL