MTM 1-on-1 Coaching Application

If you’re committed to becoming a better investor, complete this application to apply for the MTM 1-on-1 Options Coaching program. You are not under any obligation to enroll if you apply. But please complete this application only if you are serious and truly committed to being a 1-on1 Coaching Student and ready right now to work with a coach to shorten your learning curve, make option investing easier and start seeing immediate results.

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MTM 1-on-1 Student Testimonials

“Option trading used to be overwhelming with my busy schedule. I’d often miss opportunities or fail to manage positions properly, because I am not able to monitor markets all day. MTM helped me to formulate a rational methodology for covered calls and cash-secured puts. It still requires a good bit of thought and effort, but it can be done mostly on my schedule rather than the market’s. This, along with several other MTM tips, tricks, rules-of-thumb, and other bits of wisdom, provides an edge to offset my inability to constantly monitor markets. In addition to helping me better understand trading, MTM helped trading fit into my life better.”

-Mike, San Diego, CA

“I used to like naked puts before I started with MTM. I had two trades on that had I not attended your classes, I would have lost over $20,000 in total on Monday alone. Instead I lost $600. I told my wife that this day was worth the entire investment.”

-Jerry, Katy, TX

“My favorite trade of the week was protecting my FB shares and still making money. John always recommended that I protect or play shares in more than one way. I let 33% ride. I sold a 170 call for $8 and bought a 150 put for about $1.50. When the market opened, I bought back the call on 1/3 of shares for an options profit of $2. I still have 1/3 covered and will probably roll. So I captured most of the upside of FB but felt protected quite a bit on the downside. Maybe it doesn’t always work like this but when it does, it’s nice. Benefit of one on one.”

-Mark, Media, PA

“I’m so glad I found you and John. You and John teach me how to trade options in any environment. But even more than that John’s class every morning teaches me how to look for trades and how to manage them once they are on and you refine my knowledge with the Thursday afternoon webinars. You are so supportive of my journey to get to my long term trading goals and I can’t begin to thank you enough for that. The education and the support that you and John give is awesome.”

-Cat, Lee’s Summit, MO

“I am forever indebted to you for convincing me to sign up for 1-1 and John K for the 1-1 training. When I submitted the 1st draft of my trading plan for review, I had absolutely no idea what a credit spread or debit spread or calendar or diagonal even was, aside from reading some generic info in a strategy guide. I left those sections of my trading plan blank / TBD. When I updated the plan for final review / comments, I realized I actually LEARNED this stuff. I could analyze any position based on the Greeks before entering. I could hypothetically run through the what-ifs – what if the stock dropped X, what would my position be now… If knowledge is power as they say, MTM has given me the power to really own my trading, feeling confident in knowing the why behind my trading decisions. Thanks!”

-Jeff, Hawkins, TX

“I’ve been putting some of what we’ve talked about in our last one on one class to work and it’s literally paid off handsomely.”

-Joe, New York, NY

“Also, thanks for everything you offer from MTM. Having gone to a few of the group sessions now, I am really starting to see the value of John’s sessions in conjunction with what I am learning from you every week. You are giving me the framework, and John puts the meat on the bones. 1-on-1 coaching is the best decision I could have made at this junction in my trading education.”

-Regina, Lander, WY