The REAL Market Maker Price [How to See It]

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2 Responses

  1. You made an interesting observation however, why is it that we can have an offer in or bid and we see it trading higher/lower & we don’t get filled? If what you say is so, the system trades through our orders and the firms say we are not entitled to a FILL!! On the exchanged this was not allowed but for some reason they allow it.

    If technology is suppose to be better vs the 90’s & 80’s, then why, is it such a DISGRACE …?
    I know you can’t solve it but maybe, ALL of us & friends should COMPLAIN to the SEC or contact the Option exchanges.

    1. Hey Joe, Sometimes one exchange is on the bid of the leg you want to sell, but another firm on a different exchange is on the offer you want to buy. So there is no one person in the world who wants to buy it on the disseminated price.

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